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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

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Yet the filmmakers have us believe that PreCRime would be credible enough to go unchecked in Washington for six years before the DoJ would send someone to even have a look and see how absurd it all is.
No, the sillier thing about pre-crime if you looked at it objectively is the notion that any society would ever give it up after going murder-free for six years. That would never happen.
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Just sayin'...her death is covered up by the fire.

Also, any damn fool can cause a fire...time travel shows that the particular mobster/gangster/criminal organization has power, an outlawed ability beyond the norm that will cause a bit of fear in rivals.
The director stated in interviews that the death of Willis' wife was a big screwup on the part of the gangsters, and setting fire to the house is an attempt at covering it up that will fail.
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