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Re: TNG Caption This! 305: I, Caption

Riker: Romulan vessel! Please withdraw before someone starts quoting Shakespeare, or as I like to call it, the Godwin of starship brinksmanship.

Romulan: We like the cut of your jib, Commander. As you wish.

Picard: Hrmph.

Troi: Captain, I've told you there is no actual "Any" key.
Picard: Yes, Counselor. Send in Commander Data on your way out.
Troi <mumbling>: I swear to @#$% Sha Ka Ree....

Hugh: Locutus, you left without choreographing our closing number, We are Vogue.

Picard: I just watched "Roots." I'm so ashamed I gave Geordi a promotion and a raise.
Guinan: Ahem.
Picard: Oh very well, I'll watch The Color Purple tonight.
Guinan: Better believe that.

Data: As you can see, Captain, my excretion port is exit only.
Picard: Yes Data, but I was asking you about the Borg.
LaForge: I could reroute the backflow junction with a bypass....

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