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Re: Did anything from FASA make it into present continuity?

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On reflection, the Orion supplements might well have left a legacy. The two depict the Orions as a civilization with a long history, a species that barely survived slavery by offworlders in its distant past, later rising to heights but succumbing to a bit of a dark age.
I did present Orion history in a somewhat similar way in Forgotten History, but any resemblance to FASA's version is purely coincidental. I was trying to come up with a justification for how the "Empire of Orion" mentioned in "Yesteryear" could be a totally lost civilization so that it would be safe to mess around in its history, and so that it would be obscure enough to justify risking travel through the Guardian to learn more about it. So I came up with the idea that they had an earlier civilization that was effectively eradicated by alien conquest, and that they got their slave-based culture from those conquerors. I don't know, maybe at some point I came across a reference somewhere to the idea of the Orions having been former slaves themselves, and subconsciously remembered it when writing FH, but I did not draw consciously or directly on FASA in any way. I guess the idea of multiple Orion skin colors/races that I alluded to was part of their version of the Orions, but I got it indirectly through novel and comics references (and I assume it was derived in turn from the blue-skinned Orions in "The Pirates of Orion," so there's some onscreen basis for it).
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