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Re: Wii U has record breaking sales for January

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Plus, you know, the economy still kinda sucks. I'm sure that has a bit of an effect.
The Xbox 360 sold 280,000 this past month. That's a seven year old console outselling a brand new console by 5-1. The economy has nothing to do with it. People simply do not want a Wii U.

Bob The Skutter wrote:
I like the Gamepad. It allows game play on the pad while the TV is on, like a handheld but with full console games, the interface for using Netflix and LoveFilm are better than either of the other consoles.
I like the Gamepad too. It's a neat idea that could result in some good experiences if done properly (apparently Nintendo Land is pretty awesome), but no more Zombi U crap where you get attacked while looking at your inventory please.
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