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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Real Life

The opening of this scene was kind of creepy. The woman who played the wife pulled off a creepy, I’m-going-to-melt-down-and-pull-a-Bobbit-on-you type of persona. So, the Doc, made himself family. How very cute. Blond children, blond wife, too Aryan race for me, why didn’t they give him a Vulcan family or at least kids that did not look so plastic…at least it got better!!

The Doc invited Kes and B’Elanna over for dinner, which was hysterical. He has a NAME!! Kenneth, it actually seems appropriate; I like it, but I don’t feel like it will last past the episode…. I was counting down the time it took for B’Elanna to freak out; the constant compliments and fervent “I love our Dad/Husband” was driving me nuts too! Kes has a much more natural knack for giving advice, and when Kes agrees it really does see the sensible thing to do; time to change the program!

So Paris is actually openly hitting on B’Elanna now…I like the sexual innuendo. When the light started to flair in front of the ship, (when they were flirting) I kind of feel like Paris and B’Elanna would have been on their way to the bridge before Janeway called them down.

When the Doc set down his rules why would it have been dangerous for his daughter to be playing with kids two to four years older than herself? I like the 2nd-version of the son, he wants to be a Klingon warrior, and at one point he insults the Doc in Klingo! The Docs daughter was injured, and when he was on the point of crying, he ended the program.

I like the continuity of the A and B stories in this episode. The bridge and Paris are working on the eddies and Kes, B’Elanna, and the Doc are all involved in the Docs search to understand humanity via family life. Toward the end, the two stories merge together when Paris has a head injury and it reminds the Doctor of his daughter’s injury that she was dying from. The end, when the daughter dies, almost made me cry, it was truly sad. That was probably the second saddest part of Star Trek that I have seen, after Jadzia died in DS9.

Favorite part: QUTLUCH dagger! The Doc’s kid’s friends have a Qutluch dagger! My namesake! Woo Hoo, this was the first episode I have actually seen the dagger in!

Least favorite part: I really think their shoes/boots should be magnetic or something so when they have disturbances and the ship shakes all over people would not fall down and get knocked all about.
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