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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

By all accounts, it's unsafe just living in the 24th century

Riker's mom? Dead
Beverly's husband, Wesley's dad? Dead
Geordi's mom? Dead
Data's creator & daughter? Dead (Brother deactivated)
Worf's Klingon parents & baby mama? Dead
Troi's dad & sister? Dead
Ro Laren's dad? Tortured to death in front of her
Picard's entire family except maybe his sister-in-law? Dead
Tasha's parents? Dead
Tasha? Dead
Data? Destroyed

& that's just from TNG, the show people complained was too squeaky clean. Hell, the only person seemingly untouched by an untimely death is nutty Barkley. The 24th century is a damn dangerous place
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