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Re: TOS Caption Contest #269 The Doomsday Caption

This one is an epic...

Spock: "I'm afraid someone has indeed posted the nude party pictures of you on Spacebook."

Kirk: "Blast it! We have to contain this!"

Kirk: "It's worse than I thought, Spock. Scotty and Washburn have already seen them. Maybe we can keep them from the rest of the crew."

Spock: "Were they as impressed as you assumed they'd be?"

Kirk: "Kirk out."

Unfortunately, it was too late. Never have any two words been as regrettably uttered as "screen on."

Scotty: "They were posted from this workstation, Cap'n."

Kirk: "So someone was able to hack into your computer, eh?"

Scotty: "Uhhh....yeah. Hack."

Kirk: "Scotty, progress report."

Scotty: "It's too late, sir. It's gone viral!"
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