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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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And because Moneypenny was too much of a ditz to shoot the bad guy after accidentally shooting Bond, a lot of agents actually did die, including some presumably horrific deaths for the outed undercover agents. So just maybe M made the correct call in the intro after all, even though I can't imagine why such a super-important file ever left MI6 headquarters in the first place? In Casino Royale, Bond is mature enough to know he'll probably be killed in the line of duty ("I hear 00s have a very short life expectancy", he said). In Skyfall, it's him, not M, being a whiny b****. If Bond hadn't wasted time on the dying agent at the very start, he would probably have recovered the list, saved a lot of lives, and saved me the trouble of paying ten bucks to see this movie. And yet we're supposed to be on his side when he's all huffy toward his boss. Uh, no. I want my Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace real Bond back, please.
Er, he was all huffy towards her in CR and QoS to, in fact you could argue his view is exactly the same in all three films. "You should have trusted me." in fact the film where M has a point is arguably CR because Bond is an idiot in it.

And yeah the plot makes no sense, but you know what, I could dissect the plot of Casino Royale just as easily.
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