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Re: Things you'd like to say at work from time to time, but hesitate!

I've worked at a Lowes, I said everything I have always want to.

The main ones were...

"This is America, I don't speak Spanish, so if you have a question learn English." The guy then followed me for 5 minutes before I had to go "Get the hint!"

One woman was being a pain, so I turned around, a foot away from her and called her a bitch and walked away.

Once and awhile I couldn't help someone and they would ask for a manager and my reply would be something like "I'd like to see one too, if you find one tell them I say hi".

A favorite of ours, someone was written up for once, was when someone asked "Where is the ______?" The number one answer, "Home Depot".

I didn't really fight or argue with coworkers that often, we just shared stories of how much we hate costumers and the no show managers.

The only thing I have ever held back on was going "Fuck off" to two of my managers (I had about 15). That place was a living hell, it's retail, but it's the hell of retail. Contractors ask you how to build things, really scary. Even my last day there I didn't tell my asshole boss to fuck himself. If I ever see him again I will, what a fucking lazy jackass.
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