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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

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If you watch the episode "The Bonding", Picard and Troi have a conversation that pretty much answers any questions. Yes, it's a bit irresponsible to have families on a vessel that faces danger on a regular basis but, the galaxy is a dangerous place and no one can be totally safe at all times.
You mean this one here? From

The Bonding wrote:
TROI: I sense the weight of this duty on you, Captain.
PICARD: I really wonder. Halt. I've always believed that carrying children on a starship is a very questionable policy. Serving on a starship means accepting certain risks, certain dangers. Did Jeremy Aster make that choice?
TROI: Death and loss are an integral part of life everywhere. Leaving him on Earth would not have protected him.
PICARD: No, but Earth isn't likely to be ordered to the Neutral Zone, or to repel a Romulan attack, It was my command which sent his mother to her death. She understood her mission and my duty. Will he?
TROI: In time, and with help. Wesley Crusher does. He does. And so will Jeremy.
PICARD: Resume.
ETA: And partially recounted upthread.
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