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World Premiere! The Blue Cowl!

I'm not sure if this belongs here or in Fan Productions, since it involves an original character and story. The Mods can feel free to move it if they want.

What we have here today, ladies and gentleman, is the first adventure of the Blue Cowl, a fearless crimefighter of the 1930s, in the tradition of The Shadow, The Avenger, Boston Blackie and all those guys. It is written by me and it stars a bunch of my friends and one of my brothers. Many of the voices you'll hear (if you listen) belong to some of your fellow posters here at TrekBBS-- folks like Shatna, Elmo Dukat, J. Allen, scottydog and others. They have brought this story to life better than I ever hoped and I thank them all. You'll love them, trust me.

On the production side, it's all me and it's the first time I've ever attempted something like this, so don't blame the actors for any of my shortcomings as a producer. The video is simply a fireplace and a replica antique radio-- had to have something there for YouTube-- but please stay for the credits.

It's about fifteen minutes long, so if you're a fan of old-time radio or just curious about it, give a listen. All constructive feedback is welcome.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.
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