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Re: TOS Caption Contest #269 The Doomsday Caption

Spock: "If you must know, it's a personal video T'Pring sent me. And, no, you cannot see it!"

Voice from communicator: "You have reached the USS Enterprise! If you wish to request a beamout, press '1.' If you wish to record a log entry, press '2.' If you wish to check your recorded messages, press '3.' If you wish to speak with an actual officer..."

Sulu: "We're being pulled inside! We haven't enough power to break free!"
Spock: "Impact in twelve seconds!"
Decker: "Where the hell is that Scotch bottle?"

Scotty: "You see these buttons? These are my buttons! If you absolutely cannot keep your fingers off of the buttons, then go find your own damned buttons!"
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