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Re: Had in an interesting experience last week...

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The heat death of the Universe isn't that bad, you just run your computer simulation into which you've uploaded yourself slower and slower - in subjective time, there'd be no difference. Of course, if all the black holes evaporate, all the protons decay, and eventually there's only photons left, you're screwed. But you're also screwed if dark energy takes hold and the Big Rip tears everything to pieces.
That has the same issue that the Zeno's paradox does – by using half the energy, you're getting half the simulated time, so even if you can extend the real running time of your simulation to infinity, the time of your experiences inside this infinite simulation would still be finite. Second law of thermodynamic gives you finite amount of energy to do useful work with, which gives you finite calculations and/or physical processes happening which gives you finite experiences.

Which sounds eerie similar to my understanding of the reasoning against quantum immortality – even if there is a quantum branch that saves you at each moment of death, death is still a gradual process that takes your life away bit by bit giving you less time of consciousness, in which even an eternal life would feel finite to you. That's more comforting than anything – quantum immortality is the walking definition of hell.

It seems we're screwed regardless of how inventive or lucky we get. Well, you could try splitting quarks and then splitting sub-quark particles to get out more calculations per useful energy...
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