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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Watch the movie. Nero's ship was screwed.
Nero's ship survived one trip through a blackhole. Damaged or not, there was no way of knowing if it was going to survive a second one. If Nero didn't want saved that was his choice, but they had to be sure that ship was put down for good; it was proven that it was too dangerous to risk the chance that it or any part of its tech would survive.
Well the cases are different. One drop of that red matter could destroy a planet. A whole bunch of that shit went all over the inside of Nero's ship like blood..i mean blueberry juice on white pants. He's wasn't gonna get that stain out. Black holes opening inside a ship surely can't be good.
Again: The heroes have no way of knowing that this will do the trick. What they know his that Nero has a immensely powerful ship that can survive a blackhole. From their POV whose to say the ship can't survive what's happening, even in it's battered condition. It was the proper decision to eliminate the possible future threat of the ship returning.

And it fits just fine with the TOS version of Kirk. He was the man that doomed two worlds to the potential of a interstellar war to save 1 ship. Threw an primitive culture to the wolves by destroying their God--which happened to control the climate of their planet--then leaving. TOS Kirk would have pulled the trigger too.
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