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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Agreed. One of the things I really like about Manta is that he does genuinely love his son from all that we've seen.
I don't dispute that. There seems to be a misconception here that I'm arguing with that premise. I'm absolutely not. I'm just elaborating on it, pointing out that, yes, he loves his son, but he's also a bad person, so he manifests that love in an unhealthy way at times, for instance, letting his fondness for the use of force override his judgment to the extent that he endangered his own son in the act of trying to save him. I guess you could say that, as a villain, he's not that skilled at the whole saving-people thing, so he used inappropriately reckless methods and did more harm than good.

Although I am somewhat confused about them - why does the Light need its own team of young heroes when they're partnering with the Reach? Are they planning to betray the Reach as well, hoping the League and Team weaken them enough that the Light can take over? It didn't seem like Luthor was recruiting them just to put them back in the Reach's service.
Of course they're planning to betray the Reach. Supervillains always plan on betraying their partners and seizing all the power for themselves. It's in the handbook.

I only knew Mongul from "For the Man Who Has Everything," so the War World was completely new to me.
Warworld has been portrayed before in the animated Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but in both cases it was just a planet that Mongul ruled. This is the first time it's been portrayed in animation as the Death Star-like artificial world it is in the comics.

Although I had the strangest urge to trust everything Mongul was saying, such an honest-sounding voice.
None can resist the power of Keith David's voice...

My one gripe is that the Karen and Mal stuff hasn't been doing anything for me all season and I wish we could've spent more time with Cassie or Babs or Tim or Gar.
Yeah, it would be nice to get to know Wonder Girl and Batgirl better. Although I can't fault the showrunners for wanting to spread out the focus to a more ethnically diverse group.

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Although I do wonder why he decided to suppress Miss M's telepathy if he thought she was trying to save Kaldur.
Again, villainous impulses overriding compassionate ones. He didn't trust Miss M when he couldn't watch her, so he shut off her telepathy as a precaution. Leaving her powers enabled so she could keep helping Kaldur would've required trust, and that's not part of the supervillain mindset.
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