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Re: Best Audio Book?

YAY, Gallifrey Series 5 was released today or yesterday finally, downloading it now and will burn them later today, probably. Thanks for the RSS Feed tip, OmahaStar, I've been checking it about everyday

Except I have a dilemma, I'm currently listening to Harry Potter and only halfway through Book 6. Along with Gallifrey Series 5, I still have the two Colin Bakers with Jago and Lightfoot (Voyage to the New World and Voyage to Venus), and I'm going to get at least the second Colin/Evelyn Story, as well as relisten to her first one. So, I think, I'll finish up HP6, then switch to the Whoniverse before tackling HP Book 7 (And when all that's done, I've got both Mordants Need Books). I guess I could always listen to the Whoniverse at work, but, it's hard to follow a story, and get work done

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