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Chekov Prime was ill-equipped to be security chief too (he was naive and more interested in scientific trivia than security protocols and he was always geting beaten up)
I think you're overlooking that there's a gap of several years between when we last saw him as navigator and when we first saw him as security chief. He could've spent the years that the ship was being refit undergoing extensive security training. (There's a novel, Traitor Winds, that shows exactly that, exploring how and why Chekov made the transition to security.)

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Actually that's not true
It is true. He was back. Not quite the way we were used to, but for the point of my response, it was enough. I thought.
No, I was responding to your first sentence, where you claimed that "the death of Spock only affected a few issues." He may have been back after STIII, but the original status quo was not restored at that time; the consequences of his death still affected the storylines of most of Volume 1's issues, not just the first few.
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