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The best known example would be Hirohima/Nagasaki, and the moral justification for their atomic bombing is lacking
Perhaps. But at least in that case, the attacks were openly carried out by the military, with authorization from the President. The chain of command was followed. It wasn't a clandestine operation done by a secret organization answerable to no one. Unlike, of course, Section 31.
Such acts are not inherently more moral just because they have the blessing of some president (or anyone else, for that matter).

I'm sure the Federation has had times when it had to order Starfleet to carry out military missions that might be questionable. But in all of those cases, the chain of command was followed, there was debate on it, and there was oversight. I don't care if Section 31 even saved one life - the mere fact that they don't answer to anyone, makes them automatically worthless and extremely dangerous.
Throughout history, most truly great thinkers and revolutionaries did not answer to the state, but followed their ideals and ideas to build a better world, acting in utter illegality, indeed opposed, persecuted or hunted by the state/church/legal authority.

'automatically worthless'? Look around you and then read about the human condition (for the overwhelming majority of the population) no more than 2-300 years ago. Then you will realize how wrong you are.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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