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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

Yet the filmmakers have us believe that PreCRime would be credible enough to go unchecked in Washington for six years before the DoJ would send someone to even have a look and see how absurd it all is. It's an absurd premise, done badly. Somehow because it's Spielberg, and because of the FX, it seems to get a pass. People forget to look at how bad the screenplay is... or how trite the action is. A bunch of guys fighting on jetpacks in an alleyway makes for a trite action scene. Even worse is the hero in a car factory and having the machines build the car around him so he can escape in it. Absurd. Worse yet, the hero falling into a room in an awkward position that matches the odd yoga positions of everyone in there... is this a serious film or is it the Naked Gun??

And what is up with that old woman's garden of attacking vines??
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