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Re: Early on, could Seska have flipped Neelix?

The Barzan Wormhole was early season 3 before the gift.

The Oogla had the Array and the Nistrim were under Cullah. It's like confusing America with Mexico. The only other time Janeway met he Oogla was in Initiations with Kar, who seemed to have a dislike for the "Federations" without being able to pinpoint what happened at the Array as the root. It's possible that Jabin didn't tell anyone what happened, or changed the story so that he won the battle and destroyed the array to stop Janeway from conquering the Quadrant. We saw in Juggernaut that the Kazon were telling huge lies about Janeway to anyone who would listen which was narrowing their pool of allies.

Tuvok was on top of Caretaker technology and could have sent them home in the pilot, but they didn't want to leave the Ocampa in the lurch. Susperia was superfluous to the cause. She could have said "no" a thousand times but that Vulcan could have had his way with her array and there was nothing she could have done about it. Susperia was a crazy old lady and Federation science under Janeways direction invented an antisporositian weapon that could kill the girl Nacene. Janeway decided to say "Look how I could kill you but I haven't... We should be friends!" Seska would have just killed her... Well, actually Captain Chakotay who would have been swayed by her counsel would have been manoeuvred into killing the old Caretaker. She'd be the devil on his should rather than be upfront about being in charge. So Q would have tried to have a baby with Chakotay? but really, Q knew his son and knew the mother of his child but he had to go through the motions of being "rejected" by a human suitor before him and the missus could knock boots which means that his proposition to Janeway was utterly insincere. Later you'll remember the entire crew handed over their dna to make babies/duplicates with the quicksilver lifeforms, which was an identical prospect to what Q offered, only no one was going to send them home after they finished their cigarette.

The Ferengi used the Prime Directive to manipulate Janeway who was about to lock them up into sending them back to the planet... And then she decides after releasing these two unsavoury characters, to trick the buggers back into her brig (probably a couple staterooms?) because, maybe, they had to want to go home with her? YIKES! As I said before, Seska would have told Chakotay to ignore them, because they had nothing of value to any one on Voyager. The only reason that they were a problem is becuase Janeway kept engaging them afer they thought they had won.

It's not like Seska was the town bike, and later Janeway was a bit of a whore when she sexually manipulated Kashak into not sending a gaggle of children to a concentration camp. It's not the worst thing in the world to let men be nice to you because they want something you have no intention of giving them. Actually, it's pretty standard.
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