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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

This show is so dark. I don't know if I'll watch S2. Though it was certainly well-engineered through Netflix's data mining to keep me watching this "season."


Frank killed a man. That's a quantum leap beyond lying and manipulating. Whether Russo would have killed himself, most people relapse. Many recover. Russo might have. He had his girlfriend who had not given up on him. I really want to see Frank's downfall. I was disappointed in the series, when Russo relapsed. I thought it was going to give me something positive. Zoe's change is, somewhat, I guess.

2. I got the feeling plan A was to have Russo succeed and it was only when he rebelled against Frank they tempted him with Rachael. Frank tells us into the camera what he's thinking, and I don't recall him discussing Russo as a set up originally.

3. Frank's chief of staff seems like he might have a soul. I think he's going to be troubled by the murder.
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