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Re: TNG Caption This! 305: I, Caption

Thanks for the log win...

Riker: "I speak to you on behalf of the Federation..."
Picard: "Here we go again..."
Troi: "Commander Blunderbuss is about to pontificate."
Worf: "I wish this were a Klingon ship. I could kill him."

Troi: "Captain, what are you doing?"
Picard: "I'm looking at schematics."
Troi: "Is that really what you are doing?"
Picard: "Here. Look. Schematics, see?"
Troi: "Yes sir. Anyway, the bridge crew request that you turn down the volume when you examine your... schematics. The screaming orgasms are distracting them from their duties."

Picard: "Anyone tell him that the forcefield is off?"
Crusher: "As near as we can determine, it looks like the Borg have assimilated a mime."

Guinan: "That's my towel."
Picard muffled: "I know."
Guinan: "Will you stop sniffing it? It's creeping me out!"

Data: "It's based on one of Lieutenant Yar's sex toys. I could never figure out how she used it."
Geordi: "We realised that if it could drive Data into locked subroutine, it might work on the Borg too."

Captain's personal log. Starfleet's new directive on uniform regulations came in. Once again they reiterate that all enlisted personnel are required to wear duty uniforms. Once again, I decided not to pass this information on to the counsellor. What? And give up my daily dose of camel toe?"
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