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Re: First Contact (Ep) Discussion

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Good premise, but I think it was undermined heavily by the Bebe Neuwirth character demanding sex to help Riker escape. It clashed with the rest of episode's serious tone.
I find that horrific as well. However, it does fit into the episode. In the various reactions to an alien landing here, this would be one of them. It also shows that there are "differences" in how they make love. Not fully fleshed out, as it were, but still we learn a little about the Malcorians. Honestly, I'm stretching a little. I have the episode on VHS tape, and I watch it quite often, and I simply fast-forward that part. It's one of the best episodes they ever did.

6th and 7th season Picard hates diplomacy. He makes fun of it, as does the rest of the characters. For instance, "Euchine Cha'for" in Star Trek: Insurrection. Picard becomes an archaeologist and historian, for some reason. And, in the movies, he becomes Star Trek's version of Bruce Willis. This is the episode that I absolutely love because it's showing not only how the Federation makes First Contact, but how talented Picard is at diplomacy.

I like the debate between the old values and the new. It's something we face every day and for Star Trek to put in an episode, it's great to see. It's a universal concern--Conservative versus Liberal, no matter the culture.
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