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How do other non-insane genetically engineered children live?

It strikes me as a little odd that there wasn't more fallout after Bashir was allowed to stay in Starfleet.

There's lots of genetically engineered children out there who have been blacklisted their entire life just for who they are, being punished for their parents' crimes. Then Bashir is allowed to stay in Starfleet, their reaction must have been "Hey...WAIT a minute. Why does HE get around the rules when my life is shit?"

Also, what is stopping these genetically engineered kids from just leaving Earth, and working for the Ferengi or Romulans, or even forming a colony of their own just like the Khan situation they created the law to prevent? Are these genetically engineered kids, in addition to not being allowed to have a life, not allowed to leave Earth?

The genetically engineered blacklist always struck me as the least 'Starfleet' thing Starfleet does in any series. It creates a second class of citizen, and one that just happens to be most capable of causing trouble out of anyone. So it's not consistent with anything else established in Starfleet, and when you think about it, it shouldn't even be effective.
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