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Re: Early on, could Seska have flipped Neelix?

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Seska's plan-A was obvious, she was grooming Chakotay for leadership who she could control after Janeway had had an unfortunate accident. Plan-A-part-2 was to create beneficial alliances with the locals which is so evil of her, compared to Janeways plan to to be such an asshole to the Kazon that total war was unavoidable.
The difficulties with the Kazon stemmed from not giving them the array, and the Ocampa along with it. That was decided in the pilot. Later, Seska would have played factions in the Kazon, leading to more violence. So, yes, it would have been evil.

If Seska had stayed on the ship, and put an end to all the namby pambiness...

When they had found the other Caretaker Array, they would have used it to go home, or Seska would have also ignored the Ferengi and used the Barzan wormhole to go home. She also would have sold out Quinn to the Q and Frakked Q to give him a Cardassian Q offspring...
The other Caretaker was not going to be made to do anything she didn't want to do. If she didn't want to send Janeway home, no way she would to send Seska home. Just because you like Seska more doesn't mean that most people don't prefer someone less vicious. Seska's willingness to spread her legs doesn't make her acceptable to those who aren't hoping to.

Quinn would never have been fool enough to ask Seska for sanctuary, knowing exactly what the answer would have been.

It was odd enough that Q wanted Janeway to have his baby. Wanting Seska to have his baby? That exceeds even a hardened SF fan's ability to suspend disbelief.

The Barzan wormhole? Maybe. Except that the Ferengi would have bribed her, and been in an even better position to have tricked her. Con men find illicit lures to be the most successful back.

A Seska would never have gotten The Gift from Kes, so it's doubtful that they could have reached the Barzan wormhole in time anyhow.
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