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Re: More Star Wars films announced

EU materials did try to explain the human-centric nature of the Empire as part of a xenophobic, "speciesist" official policy enacted by the Emperor after he took power. He sought to purge as many exotic alien influences from his new regime as possible without damaging its overall effectiveness and power and thus elevated humans and humanoids to the highest positions of power in his New Order.

Of course none of this is explained in the actual films themselves, as we go from strange-looking aliens all over the place in ROTS to a galaxy ruled by pasty white guys with British accents in ANH twenty years later. One theory is that Palpatine was so angered by the Jedi Order, what it represented and its great diversity of species that he came to associate diversity of species with the despised Jedi philosophy and felt that he could only trust those most like himself: humans and humanoids.
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