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LOL what a luck I count myself as TerranBBSer in the first place. For a moment you were at risk of getting disillusioned
btw- very off topic and propably too personal a question - what is the meaning of your avatar? It looks vaguely familiar and I belive it to be some Native American symbol from the southwest. A sun symbol, right?

Colonel Green, explanation accepted. If ever you do feel in the mood for a flame war, please PM me. I have plenty of server space and can easily set up a special flaming board where we can spar or take it out in earnest without injuring hapless bystanders (or violating board policy) - I find the expression "collateral damage" as detestible as inhuman and always try to avoid it.
This invitation goes of course for everyone.

{{{{{{{thestrangequark}}}}}}} I was going to suggest a fancy dress ball, too. Having to wear an ECG for long sounds worse than it is. You get used to it rather quickly and stop getting entangles in the cables.
As many MDs assure me that the patient's set of mind has a big influence on the healing chances, I am not certain if considering your body something to fight against is the ideal point of view. I am more inclined to think of it as something that needs your help and support in a struggle against an invisible enemy.

But if you are hesitant to have a RL birthday party, there's really no reason for not having a really huge online party. We can bring pics of cookies and cakes (with zero sugar) and megabites of your favourite flowers (which will never shrivel) and 10 pages of cyber-hugs. And you could print the thread and make it into a cheer-me-up book for the really dark days.

as for the Batman cape:
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away
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