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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Cool episode. Is this set up for Ahsoka's goodbye?
Certainly a good story and lots of interesting locations designed for this. Good action too in the chase.

Anakin's car looks like a Starship.

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Who was the female Jedi Ahsoka was talking to? She looked familiar but I couldn't place her. Is she the bad Jedi who set Ahsoka up? I know she was sad about that Jedi but she seemed suspicious to me. Or is she too obvious of a suspect?
I had to look her up myself. She's Barriss Offee, who's been a recurring character in the show, mainly in a story arc in season 2 where she and Ahsoka got to know each other. She's apparently still around up until Order 66 is enacted, so I doubt she'll turn out to be a bad guy here.
Humm, but I think I saw her last week walking in the background behind Ahsoka. This might be used as a possible flashback to events when she is finally caught.
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