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They believe, in the interest of their security, that they are justified in doing whatever it takes to safeguard themselves.
Correction, the Federation's security, and safeguard the Federation.

It does not matter who they have to kill or how many races they have to genocide.
And yet in spite of your contention, S31 never "genocided" the Romulans or the Klingons, the Klingons especially were a long time treat and opponent of the Federation. The 22nd century verison of S31 took steps to stabilize the Klingon Empire.

When the Federation was fighting a protracted boarder war with the Cardassians, S31 never "genocided" the Cardassians. There is no canon evidence that S31 goes around haphazardly killing people.

Sci wrote: View Post
By that logic, a nation that seeks to ensure that none of their citizens will ever die as a result of foreign aggression by committing genocide against all foreign nation is doing the "correct" thing.
But only if that foreign aggressor is actually going to be (or currently is) killing the nation's people, enslaving them, or is physically destroying the nation itself. Only if that foreign aggressor has credibly the mean to be that level of threat.

If a foreign nation of a hundred million, has a core group of say a thousand people, whose actions and decisions are actively killing your nations people, yes you should (as a nation) be able to genocide that core group of a thousand people, to safeguard your own nation's people.

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