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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

Christopher wrote: View Post
Actually that's not true
It is true. He was back. Not quite the way we were used to, but for the point of my response, it was enough. I thought.

Not quite. Volume 1 had only three stories set in the 5-year mission (one of which had a movie-era frame), plus one issue that brought the 5YM-era cast forward in time to the movie era...
But the existence of the movie era comics did not prevent the possibility of flashback issues. Those flashback issues reassured us that 5YM stories were not dead just because the characters were now appearing in movies set many years later. And later, during the Marvel/Paramount, WildStorm and IDW issues, five-year mission stories were common, so for the point of my answer, it seemed sufficient.

Expand on my answers all you like. I ran out of time to elaborate. But I wasn't wrong. Just too brief for your liking.
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