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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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With that in mind, let me recommend Gary Kerr, who helped in the disassembly of the 11-footer for the Meirecki restoration, and photographed, measured the model in subassemblies, and made copious notes. As I'm sure I've mentioned, he recently did all the design work on Polar Lights' new 1/350 scale model kit.
Big Question: Did Gary Kerr also provide the original parts for the Miarecki restoration (i.e. front nacelles and/or sensor domes and/or sensor dish) that had gone missing prior to the Enterprise's arrival at the Smithsonian in 1974?

Reason: There is this picture circulating of the floor positioned angled model beeing held by a gentleman with a moustache (prior to 1974). Somebody here at Trek BBS has identified the person in the picture as Gary Kerr.

I recently provided a link of a modeler's forum discussing the model and the same picture showed up. Some member of this forum claimed that the gentleman in the picture supposedly kept / safeguarded these pieces which was a wise precaution considering how the ship arrived at the Smithsonian...

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