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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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While I don't expect a major change at the end of this film with the cast (though I'm interested on why Chekov is seen in a red uniform)...
I'm assuming they're trying to do just a little more lead in to his eventual position as security chief, unlike what we got in the Prime Timeline...

If that is the case, does that really count as a "major change", since we've seen it before?
An 18-year old genius would seem ill-equipped to be security chief. I'm thinking it has something to do with a transfer to engineering. Whether it sticks or not is another story.
Chekov Prime was ill-equipped to be security chief too (he was naive and more interested in scientific trivia than security protocols and he was always geting beaten up) but he did make a competent bridge tactical officer. No way should he ever be groomed to be security chief but aligning him to the security division to make more of his fast reactions and mathematical skills to improve weapon and shield use is a perfect fit. I never understood why you would want your chief of security sitting on the bridge opening hailing frequencies instead of being in charge of his department. Bridge tactical and small unit security do not have to be administered by the same person.

I'm still in favour of them introducing a new (alien?) female character as a security chief to try and even up the numbers but in a 2-hour movie I
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