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Re: Why did the Dominion sign a non aggression pact with Bajor?

I always found this interesting...

When Sisko runs into the conference and says that Bajor must not join the Federation, it must stand alone, he claims he has had a vision of locusts that will destroy Bajor if Bajor joins the Feds. He then describes a vision that he has had:

I was on Bajor. B'hala had been
rebuilt. The streets were filled
with people... celebrating.
(a beat)
But then a shadow blocked out the
sun. We looked up and saw a cloud
filling the sky. It was a swarm
of locusts. Billions of them.
They hovered over the city, the
noise was deafening... but just as
quickly as they came, they moved
on. Now I know where they were
going. Cardassia.

I always found it curious that this is indeed what happened. If you interpret the locusts as the Jem'Hadar fleet (and let's face it, their ships do look kinda insect like), then this is exactly what happened.
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