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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

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Sheldon is pretty much the only reason to watch the show. Geez that kid whinges a lot though. You'd think someone as smart as he would have learned to adapt to life a little better.
While Sheldon may be the breakout star (and Jim Parsons deserved his awards for playing him so well) i was really happy they had an episode where Leonard finally stood up to him.

It's not that Sheldon can't adapt.. it's just that he assumes life should adapt to him and when it doesn't he gets confused

Don't know what to make of Gooch (god.. i love Scrubs!).. not getting Raj a girlfriend was always the thing with BBT. It was a good move to introduce Bernadette and Amy and they've become an integral part of the show with storylines of their own but having them all in committed relationships? I don't know.. i liked the Raj/Stuart pairing and would like to see more of Stuart. Wasn't it announced that Stuart would become a regular character this season?
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