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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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The Dualshock is great, but I hate the location of the analog stick. It should swap places with the D-pad.

I love the Xbox controller with the exception of the awful D-pad. D-pads might not be used quite as much nowadays, but as a retro gamer at heart I just can't get behind a controller that screws over the D-pad.

The Wiimote --- uh, no. Just no.

The best controller ever is the Genesis 6-button controller. That thing was perfect.
Except the saturn 6 button with shoulder buttons or even the saturn 3d pad. Seriously why is six face buttons so hard? Thatswhat the PS4 needs. Although dont know hwat they'd call them. The octagon and tetrahedron maybe.
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