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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Did Deathstroke appear out of nowhere in that battle? I thought he was on a different ship.
He was, but presumably when Miss M "accidentally" shot the camera out while trying to protect Kaldur he decided to catch up and come aboard - right about the same time Crusher and Jade were leaving.

Although I do wonder why he decided to suppress Miss M's telepathy if he thought she was trying to save Kaldur.

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I was joking that he was on babysitting duty, but they actually covered that.
"Roy dear, I need you to watch Lian for a couple days."

"Um, sure. Any particular reason?"

"Oh you know, father-daughter time."

"Alright, try not to get killed. And bring back a souvenir, you know how Lian loves those."

Luna: "They're quite gentle, really... But people avoid them because they're a bit..."
Harry: "Different.
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