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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

Christopher wrote: View Post
I have a hard time believing, however, that Aya could be so simpleminded as to think that the way to assess the relative power of love and hate was to stage a physical combat between them. That's kind of a non sequitur, and too stupidly literal-minded for a superintelligence like her.
That was pretty strange.

I wonder how much more we'll see of Carol as Star Sapphire. I imagine she'll be involved in the season finale, but will she return before that?
I'm envisioning Carol thinking, "I can deal with the mask, but I am not parading around in spike heels and a bathing suit!"

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
Aya's mistaken about being emotionless, she's being driven by hate (or love) more than ever, she just doesn't realize it. And nothing pushes rational beings over the deep end than that.
Actually I was kind of wondering if her damage and her jilted status caused her to reject her emotions, but that allowed her to get infected with the Manhunters' anti-emotion programming. I'm probably overthinking this.

sojourner wrote: View Post
Then again. he may have trusted his men to use the proper charge to open the door without causing undo injury/damage. Which they obviously failed to. He needs to hire more competent replacements.
I somehow missed the fact that he hit his own men.

Kestrel wrote: View Post
Did anybody else expect the world to react somewhat more... alarmed when the Reach said "Oh no we can't do anything we're sooo helpless" only to launch a massive armada from the oceans moments later?
I posted that after the last episode. Glad someone else is seeing the same thing.

I'm impressed they managed to find a way to keep Kaldur and Artemis both undercover while getting M'Gann, Cheshire and Sportsmaster out of there.
I was a little surprised-- I assumed they were going to ditch the mission and just get their people out. But Mrs. Silvercrest pointed out that they're going to need someone down there to help deal with the Reach fleet (if it's still submerged).

Did Deathstroke appear out of nowhere in that battle? I thought he was on a different ship.

You know what this episode was noticeably lacking in though? Roy Harper. We haven't seen Red Arrow since... hmm, Original Roy went after Luthor, have we?
I was joking that he was on babysitting duty, but they actually covered that.
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