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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

There must be a Ferengi rule of acquisition that covers the purchase of Star Trek books. I do admit that seeing such books at thrift stores is always nice. But it is just sooooo easy to click buy on the book reader website... often paying more than the hardcopy price. Then who can resist entering a real bookstore even if the markup is almost automatically 10 to 20 percent over the online price. Perhaps I need to develop the thrill of purchasing a book from an author's website -- that would be really really nice. Then there is the uncommon pleasure of going to a dedicated science fiction bookstore. Is there a Star Trek Captain who collects science fiction ... or, only real books??? Would a science fiction literature specialist have a place as part of a team of specialists on board a starship? Not technical enough? Too much dilletantism? More of the autodidact? Does everyone have to go to Starfleet Acacemy to be an expert about space? I guess there is Jake Sisko.
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