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Interesting. I make the mistake sometimes of not "carrying over" the physics of one device in the ST universe onto another. (One could, for example, say that the deflectors are a form of transporter that puts a second, replenishable skin around the ship to absorb incoming energies as an alternative explanation to gravity based shields.) But I don't know what the consensus is about the nature of transporters to begin to say further. Are they devices which measure the information state of the traveller, destroy the original and recreates him elsewhere, or are they, as James Blish once wrote, devices which causes the traveller's particles to make a "Dirac jump" to the destination?

If the former then the basic physics of "energy conversion" could be at work in both devices, but converted into what, or to where is a matter of which method provides the simplest contraption, or does the job with the greatest energy efficiency. I am not technician enough, however, to say which.

If the later then maybe it would be easier to scatter someone in this way.
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