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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

^ Cracked, on the movie's "plot":
The entire point of Silva's scheme is to kill M during her hearing -- he has two guys waiting for him with a cop uniform after he breaks out of MI6 specifically so that he can sneak into the courthouse and shoot her. Presumably he allowed himself to get captured (as opposed to just going straight to the courthouse) because he wanted to upload the virus into MI6's computers to distract everyone.

Here's the thing: Silva's master plan began the moment he got captured, timing it so that he'd be in custody right when M was testifying. But he didn't turn himself in -- he was captured by Bond. So how could he have known when that would happen? Bond tracks a bullet shard in his shoulder to an assassin guy who has a casino chip from a casino where he sticks it to some lady who happens to know where Silva is. That's literally how it happens -- Silva had no control over that. How many days were those two fake cops standing there, waiting for Silva?

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He's pissed off at M during this movie--like when he calls her a bitch and confronts her about ordering the shot.
And because Moneypenny was too much of a ditz to shoot the bad guy after accidentally shooting Bond, a lot of agents actually did die, including some presumably horrific deaths for the outed undercover agents. So just maybe M made the correct call in the intro after all, even though I can't imagine why such a super-important file ever left MI6 headquarters in the first place? In Casino Royale, Bond is mature enough to know he'll probably be killed in the line of duty ("I hear 00s have a very short life expectancy", he said). In Skyfall, it's him, not M, being a whiny b****. If Bond hadn't wasted time on the dying agent at the very start, he would probably have recovered the list, saved a lot of lives, and saved me the trouble of paying ten bucks to see this movie. And yet we're supposed to be on his side when he's all huffy toward his boss. Uh, no. I want my Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace real Bond back, please.

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And Rodriguez uses that to his advantage. He tried to literally and figuratively seduce Bond to join him.
Silva forfeited any high ground he might have had by killing/getting non-M MI6 employees killed before we or Bond even meet him, so that attempt was a total non-starter, and thus lacked any kind of depth. It's kinda like the Joker suggesting Batman free him because, let's face it, he is a pretty nifty dresser.

.... Also, given how lousy Bond's aim in the tests were, the fact that M sends him out to do a job that often involves firing in crowded public places suggests she either didn't want him to use his weapon in such circumstances, or was just fine with innocent bystanders being killed. Either way, he should never have been put back in the field. Pamela Landy wouldn't have even considered doing so.

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