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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Even though it had been eons since we last saw Carrey (or was it more recent, something tells me it was) his death was still tragic and caught be by surprise.
Yeah, I mentioned that we'd see Carey one more time way back in post #1581. Now that he's dead, keep this in mind, especially considering how close to the end of the series we are. It's really bullshit what they did to the Carey character. That guy had a wife and kids at home, man!
So did Sisko.
If a captain can be killed off leaving his loved ones behind, what's makes Joe "Nobody" Carey safe?
I think the real insult is Tom & Neelix witnessed it and brushed it off while defending the alien that did it to Janeway. In "Before & After" Tom made Careys death seem a tragedy in when he was telling Kes who died during "YOH" but when he actually died, he was like "whatever".
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