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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

Agreed. One of the things I really like about Manta is that he does genuinely love his son from all that we've seen.

Man, these last three episodes have been of such high quality. And they certainly didn't waste any time showing us Blue Beetle's mistake in trusting Green Beetle! Poor Jaime, trying to do what's right ended up backfiring so massively. This show does love its brainwashed heroes doesn't it? I wonder if we'll see him returned to normal before the last few minutes of the finale? That might be where the Runaways come back into play.

Although I am somewhat confused about them - why does the Light need its own team of young heroes when they're partnering with the Reach? Are they planning to betray the Reach as well, hoping the League and Team weaken them enough that the Light can take over? It didn't seem like Luthor was recruiting them just to put them back in the Reach's service.

I only knew Mongul from "For the Man Who Has Everything," so the War World was completely new to me. Although I had the strangest urge to trust everything Mongul was saying, such an honest-sounding voice. That was definitely a kickass episode, I love getting to see the whole team and much of the League in action. They certainly aren't playing down how incredibly powerful Fate is, are they? My one gripe is that the Karen and Mal stuff hasn't been doing anything for me all season and I wish we could've spent more time with Cassie or Babs or Tim or Gar. Still, it was good to see Mal keeping the Guardian identity and to have that thread closed.

Did anybody else expect the world to react somewhat more... alarmed when the Reach said "Oh no we can't do anything we're sooo helpless" only to launch a massive armada from the oceans moments later? Granted, they made a huge sacrifice to try and stop War World, but somebody surely put together that they had to come from somewhere and were undeclared for so long?

Also, about the Guardians/Reach treaty. Shouldn't the presence of 3 Green Lanterns make Earth officially "Guardian" territory? Or can the Reach go around to any planet so long as they're invited - what if a faction on Oa wanted to invite the Reach? And I suppose Guy and Hal are both off-planet at the time?

I kind of expected somebody to die in this last episode, probably one of the villains. Most likely Sportsmaster - either to Manta or Deathstroke - but I'm glad they didn't waste such a great villain yet. And who ever expected that to be said about Sportsmaster of all villains. I'm impressed they managed to find a way to keep Kaldur and Artemis both undercover while getting M'Gann, Cheshire and Sportsmaster out of there.

You know what this episode was noticeably lacking in though? Roy Harper. We haven't seen Red Arrow since... hmm, Original Roy went after Luthor, have we? I wouldn't necessarily expect him to come along on a mission to kill, even a villain, but I was somewhat surprised we didn't see him at all, maybe with Lian. Is she meant to be a secret I guess, and Roy's with the League? Arsenal was very obnoxious in his first outing with the Team and most of the War World episode, but I really liked his near-breakdown over being taken captive and then escaping. But where was he in the next episode, maybe after the Beetles had left and Nightwing was doing detective work?

I wonder where the rest of the Team (everybody but... Nightwing, Miss M, Arsenal, and Lagoon Boy right?) got Boom-Tubed to? Reach imprisonment I guess? I assume not Apokolips, though I do wonder if the season will end with the Reach having been dealt with but Gordon Godfrey's true identity being revealed/ominous Darkseid appearance.

Also, I'm wishing now I'd watched Green Lantern from the beginning.
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