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Re: Does It Get Better???

Author, Author: The holonovel scenes were absurd, but hilarious! Very similar episode to TNG's Measure of a Man, this time dealing with the rights of holograms instead of androids. This seems to be a theme this season, the two part Flesh and Blood dealt with similar material. I'm really glad this show is keeping the continuity strong; once again we check in with Barclay and Admiral Paris, and they become involved in the trial at the very end. I do think it's ridiculous that it took the Doctor so long to realize that his holonovel would be offensive to his crewmates; how could he not see the obvious similarities between the two crews from the very start? He's more perceptive than that....

Friendship One: I didn't quite again did the probe cause the radiation problem? Otherwise a fine episode. Even though it had been eons since we last saw Carrey (or was it more recent, something tells me it was) his death was still tragic and caught be by surprise. Similar to Tasha's death in Skin of Evil, although that death carried more weight because she was a regular cast member and her death was much more senseless.
I liked the aliens in this episode, and felt genuine sympathy for them. The ending of the episode struck a chord with me, seeing their planet lit up and saved.
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