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Re: Star Ship Polaris

About thirty people attended the showing and most of them were pretty engaged - got asked several times when the movie would be finished, and there were a lot of specific questions about points of dialogue. I think everyone involved with the movie - and there were eight or nine of us there - was very pleased with the crowd reaction.

We won't put this preview on the Internet in its current form. Maurice has cut together a trailer that I'd like to see completed and released in the next couple of months. That should be concomitant with working on the scenes of the movie from which the trailer material is drawn.

The preview we showed is one complete scene from early in the movie - we don't introduce the antagonist here, for example, or move off of one or two of our major sets. The trailer, on the other hand, ranges over the course of the film and various locations and characters in a really good way.
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