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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

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JJ's Trek is a return to the more light-weight, frothier side of TOS (And especially the TOS films!) as opposed to stuff like The Cage which informed the mantra of TNG+ Trek. As such I find it kinda alienating and simplistic but it's still informed by previous Trek. Just not my favourite kind.

Star Trek 2009 isn't really far removed from Search for Spock at all. Although its villain is much shitter. Nero is the pits and Bana's performance was Razzie-worthy. I expect Harrison to be several classes above.
HOly cow, do we reach! Amen to both paragraphs. I'm hoping that Trex XII has more to it. And Bana had like 12 lines and people were raving. i still don't get it. Old Salieri was better in Insurrection!
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