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Re: Space exploration game

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I am looking to play one that does not involve combat, I have STO for that. I would prefer just exploring systems, meeting aliens, etc. Anything like that available for current Windows systems. Of course the more trek like the better.
Star Control II (The Ur-Quan Masters). Though not technically devoid of combat, fights are usually easy enough to avoid except for a few critical assignments, unless of course you get chased down by those goddamn slylandro probes that keep trying to eat you no matter what you say to them. Of course, tracking down the Slylandro and complaining to them about their omnicidal space probes is an interesting task on its own.

Also, if you have a gamesave of Mass Effect 2 from any point after the Suicide Mission; almost all of the combat missions are done at that point, so there's nothing much to do BUT explore.
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