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Re: Russia reports amazing meteorite strike

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I think bigdaddy is referring to the fireball over the San Francisco Bay Area last night, given the references to "Cali" (California) and the American media. That one was a rather commonplace event, but it's getting more attention than most because it happened so soon after the Russian fireball.
"Cali" is the name of a large city in Colombia, which is in South America; the state occupying a position on the US West Coast may properly be referred to by its full name, thankyewverramuch.

While the famed California smog was a real and quite serious thing in Los Angeles and the surrounding area from the 1950s through the mid-1970s, it's been a mere shadow of its former toxic nastiness since about 1980, thanks to emission-control measures, and was never as big a deal in the Bay Area. (Moreover, I cannot at any time recall reports of L.A. smog stopping meteors, even at its highest, sick-green/yellow-est concentration.)
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