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Re: Early on, could Seska have flipped Neelix?

Seska's plan-A was obvious, she was grooming Chakotay for leadership who she could control after Janeway had had an unfortunate accident. Plan-A-part-2 was to create beneficial alliances with the locals which is so evil of her, compared to Janeways plan to to be such an asshole to the Kazon that total war was unavoidable.

If Seska had stayed on the ship, and put an end to all the namby pambiness...

When they had found the other Caretaker Array, they would have used it to go home, or Seska would have also ignored the Ferengi and used the Barzan wormhole to go home. She also would have sold out Quinn to the Q and Frakked Q to give him a Cardassian Q offspring.

Little things.

Neelix couldn't trust the Kazon? Really? What had the kazon ever done to him? Nothing! Meanwhile he stole A LOT of water off them and then stole a slave girl off them. That's a lot of bad faith from the kitchenrat.

Neelix was a criminal who had to answer to Kazon justice at some point.
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