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Re: Things you'd like to say at work from time to time, but hesitate!

-You're making a mountain out of a mole hill, get over it, it's NOT that big a deal.
-You've been doing this job how long? And I've been here one year. And yet I constantly have to call you to correct your shoddy work because you "forgot" how to do it. Ahh!
-Get over yourself, you are not that important.

Most of the responses I want to yell out are "oh my god, GET OVER IT." I have a co-worker who makes a big deal out of every little thing. She is swamped with work yet she constantly creates much more work for herself by obsessing over little details that NO ONE CARES ABOUT. I'm a perfectionist, I understand, but at some point you have to just get shit done, instead of spending hours worrying over something that no one will ever notice. She also does work that she just doesn't need to. For instance, we will be destroying all of our paper files soon because they've been digitized, but she still insists on spending hours making sure the folders look perfect, creating new labels and such. NO ONE WILL SEE THEM. WE ARE DESTROYING THEM. I tell her this and she says, "yes but I need to know for myself that I did it right."

Another co-worker can't get any work done if there is any noise at all. We have a small work space and many discussions need to take place in the hallway since we have no conference rooms and many offices are shared. But any time anyone starts a conversation anywhere near her cubicle, she starts her sighing and tongue clicking and eventually gets up and leaves or tells us to "take it inside an office." It's not like we're talking about personal stuff, these are important work matters. I understand it can be hard to concentrate, but I just want to tell her to get over it and learn to deal.
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