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Here is my rant of the day:

I'm sick of my own body trying to kill me. I've also decided to put off my birthday until the doctors find out what's wrong with me. I'm stuck wearing a stupid cardiac event monitor for the next two weeks to a month, and it's not fun or sexy, and won't look good with my birthday dress. So, birthday is off for now. At least I get to be 29 a bit longer this way.
:Epic Hugs!:

Normally I would be all for this. Since my birthday is only a day before yours, I could use this as an excuse to adjust accordingly.

On the other hand, it's terrible that someone so young and so awesome has to go through all that garbage. Such a grave injustice. I really hope everything gets better for you.

And, if I may interject, you'd make Borgified look sexy.

Hey, wait a minute ... Costume party!
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